Lakeland Boating, June 2021 – When I heard about a new brand of boats designed by and named for renowned naval architect Howard Apollonio, I was intrigued.

Apollonio has designed boats for Hampton, Regency, Cheoy Lee, West Bay, Christensen and more. He and knowledgeable Seattle yacht broker Vic Parcells discovered that they had a similar vision for a new boat brand and teamed up to create Apollonian.

Having sold thousands of new and used boats for over 40 years, Parcells saw a gap in the market that was not being served. He wanted to build a high-quality 50-foot raised pilothouse motoryacht. The boat had to have modern running surfaces and equipment, be affordable and easy to manage for owner operators. Apollonio had a proven design he was transforming into an innovative new hull that would be both smooth-running and spacious. The combination of modern construction and design with distinctive American style and abundant accommodations defines the new Apollonian Yachts brand.

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