Apollonian Yachts may be a new brand to you, but our boats are the result of years of collaboration and preparation by respected marine industry veterans. Howard Apollonio lent not only his expertise to the project but his name. Vic Parcells and his group of seasoned investors set about to create the best boat possible packed with the features and equipment that will meet the needs of the marketplace. Apollonian Yachts never presold a boat and waited till the first boat arrived in 2020 to market the brand. Our yachts are thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed to exacting specifications. Because the initial boats were built by the company and not to order, we are able to deliver a finished boat that remains remarkably affordable, especially when you consider all that is included. Apollonian Yachts’ backers paid for each boat to be built, including a dealer demo boat, because of their confidence in the brand. Each Apollonian purchase includes an extensive one-year new boat warranty plus worldwide Cummins factory warranty on the engines.