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Observing a lack of affordable new pilothouse boats, the team at Apollonian Yachts saw an opportunity to bring a 3-stateroom boat with true raised pilothouse to the market. Designed by renowned naval architect Howard Apollonio in conjunction with experienced offshore powerboater and longtime yacht salesman Vic Parcells, these boats combine modern technology with practical elegance.

Howard Apollonio

Howard Apollonio

Howard Apollonio grew up on the coast of Maine, known for its maritime history and 3,478 miles of dramatic coastline. A 1969 graduate of the University of Michigan, he pursued a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and has been a Licensed Professional Engineer since 1974. His career in boatbuilding spans over 50 years and includes propulsion, designing advanced commercial and military craft, and running his own firm to design and engineer performance-oriented craft of all sorts. His yachts have been built in the US, Canada, Holland, Taiwan, and China by Christensen, Westport, Diaship/Heesen, Hampton/Regency, Cheoy Lee, West Bay/SonShip, Queenship/Caribe, McKinna, Heisley, Rayburn, and Canoe Cove, among others. Now, Howard lends his namesake to this truly remarkable line of affordable raised pilothouse motoryachts intended to meet the cruising needs of boaters here in the USA, Canada, and throughout the world.

Comments on the project from Howard Apollonio the designer of the Apollonian 520:

The Apollonian 520 is designed and built as a yacht to be used seriously and enjoyed in service; not just as “dock decor”. It was developed by people with decades of relevant boating experience in all conditions. As a result, it is functionally laid out for efficient use, activity, and care. Emphasis is on safety, comfort, spaciousness, and ease of use.

Design and construction include ability to work in, and endure, severe challenges. The best and most practical aspects of modem construction are used to produce a boat as a solid unit that is light, robust, durable, stable, and economical to operate.

The hull form benefits from many years development and applications in commercial and military uses, including some unique innovations to enhance comfort and overall performance. Arrangement of the vessel combines good looks with sensible ergonomics for ease of use and movement. Steps and rails are dimensioned for real people with normal expectations from life ashore as well as on the water.

A variety of social areas provide different experiences, inside and on deck. This includes choices of gathering areas and privacy.

Sight lines are both practical and pleasing in all locations, especially where functional needs are concerned.

A full suite of household type appliances is installed.

Components of mechanical and electrical systems are selected and installed for durability and serviceability by typical personnel, with domestic North American parts. That includes the components of the propulsion system that are simple and easily sourced.

Finish materials were chosen for durability as well as use and appearance.

Howard R. Apollonio, PE, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Vic Parcells

Vic Parcells

Vic’s passion for the water and boating is unparalleled. A Washington native, He started boating as a child. As a second-generation boat salesman, Vic learned how to sell boats under the tutelage of his father at the young age of 17. After years of training with his father, Vic moved up the ladder into yacht sales. In addition to a sterling sales career, Vic has managed a variety of yachts, and has been both a fishing guide and a skipper along the West Coast. Vic’s vast knowledge of West Coast waters has allowed him to make several trips up and down the Pacific Coast, from Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

As a trusted salesman, Vic has also had the pleasure to deliver yachts all over the world, including trips from Washington to the Caribbean via the Panama Canal. He has been a fixture of the Seattle yachting and boating world for the past 40 years.

Vic Parcells and his team are the importers for Apollonian Yachts. His vast experience in boating and yacht sales are evident throughout the Apollonian. Vic’s knowledge of yacht systems, and insistence on easy to use and maintain, quality equipment, help make each Apollonian Yacht owner/operator friendly. In addition to running the Apollonian sales team Vic is a partner at Crow’s Nest Yachts Seattle, their Northwest dealer.

Mandy Riggar

Mandy Riggar

Mandy Riggar has been working in the design industry since she was wearing a tiny tool belt, trotting alongside her general contractor father. She grew up to combine her study of interior design with a decade of experience at design/build firms and brand management at Nike. Mandy believes your space is more than physical; it’s your head space, your play space, your heart space. When your space is happy, so are you. Eventually, her passion for creating happy environments lead her to starting and running a full-service interior design firm: Mandy Riggar Interiors. She specializes in residential, commercial and yacht design. For more about Mandy, read her interview in Oregon Home here.

Attention to Detail

Every element of these boats has been carefully thought out, starting with brand-new tooling and state of the art contemporary construction. Built to Howard’s exacting standards, the main deck is one continuous part that encompasses the transom, outer stairwell, cockpit, salon floor, stairwell from salon to pilothouse, and the pilothouse itself. The deck and hull are crafted using closed cell cored, vacuum-bagged, and infused fiberglass and vinyl ester resin construction. This method minimizes deck and hull weight while also increasing strength. After years of careful planning, preparation, and construction, new boats started arriving in North America in 2020. The design is a hit—fast, efficient, smooth-running hulls, complimented by remarkable interior volume, with spacious and comfortable accommodations often found in much larger yachts. Each boat launched is fully deserving of Howard’s signature and meets Vic’s exacting standards.


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